Pelvic floor exercises

– Get ahead of of your incontinence and achieve better orgasms ...


One Video Lecture and a personal part of two hours.

General description

Usually one course is enough, but you can always buy more time. After half a year, it's a good idea to repeat the course, or go further with one of my orgasm weekends.

The course begins with the Video Lecture, where you will be introduced to the methods I teach accordance. For female students, the video lecture is also an introduction to the rest of the course.

The personal part takes place a second day at a time we agree.

Personal part

It is as if doctors and others dealing with incontinence, has neglected to deal with the cause.

most women can learn to strengthen there pelvic floor and get a better life. Besides preventing incontinence sex life will enhance, as the intensity of orgasm will improve for both you and your partner.

I explain to you how to do pelvic floor exercises, the strength of your pelvic floor will be measured and we will do the exercises together. You can have new measurements made on regular basis and see the difference..