Said by women on seksualterapi, lectures and more

Said by women for sexual therapy, lectures, etc.

Charlotte, independent dealer, 39 years old, Bagsvaerd: Hi Pia, Thank you for an interesting, instructive, different and informative event a week ago - we are a bunch of 12 women who have held together for 15 years who hired you to keep a paper on your work at one of our female evenings in April 07th

We clearly had the attitude that here we got a lot of "gifts" back from you with new perspectives on our lives and abdomen - And there is also no doubt that what you do is passionate! Thank you.
One of the girls has indeed just thanked me for the event, as she has had the most terrific week ever, including as sub-element that we had a good event. So it was to you then just carry. I wish you a beautiful and sunny summer with lots of good experiences. You've certainly earned!

Yohanna 60+, church assistant, Scania: Det är now redan three years sedan bustle första time this besökte Pia. Jag glömmer never. We hate stämt träff in hers local on Jorcks Passage. Jag letade me fram genome gatorna, upp in trapporna, came till rätt våning, dörren stood on glänt ...

Then came Pia och joint Hardware me in the stora, luftiga space ObjectivesTo in djärvt orange färg, as did one starkt intryck och skapade a positive och force full stämning.

We började samtala, och the behövdes interest många words mellan Us innan fördämningarna burst operation on me och ström made fram in tårar. What varit so hårt tied in so många years, it började lösas upp in the meeting with Pias kärleksfulla blick och generösa personlighet. Jag customer berätta för her about my sexuella levnadshistoria, och hon gave me av his erfarenhet och kunskap. It was startpunkten för a new development in the mitt sexuella life till större frimodighet, och det är jag oändligt tacksam för. Jag has varit at her flera gånger sedan dess, in olika sammanhang, och it has alltid varit mycket lärorikt, givande och helande.

Pia, bustle organizations wishing you allt gott för framtiden in your weather viktiga arbete att befria people and their sexuality!

Tanja, 32 years old, married mother of two and a nurse, Næstved: Dear Pia, Thank you for last night, in February 2005 your lectures on personal development through working with sexuality. As I promised yesterday, I write my own experiences down.

I belong to one of those who went to this lecture with extremely mixed feelings - she just does not come too close. Sexuality for me has always been very private, and I'm pretty closed around it. For me hang it much with the psychological, as I have always lived more in the head. And I have never given my sexuality so much attention, once a month must surely be enough! I was obviously about to fall off my chair when Pia said: "an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away". As Pia talked warm, and I relaxed more, (it was far from the porn, I had feared), I found out what she meant.

Pia is both a loving and warm person who very clearly want the best for others, and her lecture comes straight from the heart. At the same time, she is both wise and intelligent to listen to, and she took off ten tons from my shoulders! I was just completely normal, most of us are brought up with the fingers over the quilt, so it is hardly surprising that sex is been a taboo subject for many. For me this lecture really been a turning point in my life. Thanks Pia, because you are so open about sex, and thank you for opening my eyes and heart of how important it is. Love Tanja, (she who drove you to the station)

Maria, 22 years old, Kolding: I was really nervous when my girlfriend and I were to meet with Pia to get a couples therapy. For I think that it is embarrassing to have problems in a relationship in such a young age. My girlfriend and I stood in some sexual problems, we could not even save us out of, but Pia gave us just the right inspiration to move forward. Pia received us with open arms. She exudes an incredible calmness and confidence that made me open up feelings that very few people are participating in. There was nothing that was embarrassing to say no thing to be explained, since Pia has an incredible understanding and empathy .

We were very clear on several things in our relationship include what our conflict is really about. It was a very personal, intense and truly rewarding conversation of our relationship both as a couple and as individuals. Using some new tools we were given the opportunity to develop further, which I consider a great gift. My boyfriend and I have found each other again, as we were before it drove deadlocked for us. I have no doubt that I will use Pia next time the need arises!

Clea, 25, stud. Pharmacist, Aarhus: I contacted Pia Struck, because I suffered from vaginismus. Because of this I had problems with my sexuality in general - that is, that I almost never wanted anything sexual. For over two years I had struggled with my vaginismus on their own, and I felt that I was making any progress. The problem seemed unmanageable and sometimes I would feel totally lost. I felt embarrassed about my situation, and it was hard to talk to others about something so private. It was therefore a big step for me to make an appointment with a therapist. To my relief, there was no need to worry, because already when I first talked on the phone with Pia, I got the impression that she was an incredibly talented and caring woman that I would be able to benefit from.

The session with Pia took safe and informal in a very pleasant way. She gave me some different advice than those I previously had, inter alia, doctors. Instead of just seeing me as someone who is having trouble with her life, she took hold of my person, and worked from that.

We went through a lot in the 2 hours I was with her. I listened eagerly to the many good things she said. Since my primary problem was tension in the abdomen, Pia suggested some activities that would help loosen up.

"Salsa, riding and belly dancing would be a fun way to enjoy your body," she said. Exactly those 3 activities were funnily enough some that I had wanted to grow, so I took the advice in with joy. A meeting with a relaxation therapist was also considered, but it is something that I, for economic reasons will put on hold in the first place. The suggestion to do lots of Kegel exercises focusing on relaxation did not surprise me, for I have been told (and read me) before. This should help give control over the muscles that cause the involuntary contractions of the vagina.

During the conversation quickly turned to my girlfriend and my sex life (or lack thereof). Due. vaginism I had the frustration of my boyfriend almost no desire for sex and intimacy. That is why many quarrels. Pia said that one way to wake my sexuality would be subscribing to some erotic magazines for women ("Future Women" and "Cupid") When I absolutely love dirty magazines, it was something I immediately went out and bought! They are both entertaining and educational, so it was a great idea. Pia told a lot about the importance of masturbation and orgasm - and gave advice to it. She encouraged me to sign me to an orgasm course, so I can teach my body good to know and enjoy it to the fullest. She also explained to me ways I could be with my boyfriend without it really being intercourse. Eg. she said that it would be really good if we could lie and masturbate - or assist masturbating on each other one at a time. The idea, I was not really crazy, when I first heard it, but after thinking it through, I can see the sense in it.

We also touched on areas such as my family and my personality - actually we talked about many things in a pleasant and informative way. For some time I have worked to create a website about vaginismus; also that we had a little talk about. The last part of the session I was "shaken" by Pia in a tough but loving way. I guess she wanted to get me to do something active about my situation. It's only me who can do something about my situation.

After the 2 hour session I walked away with a giant smile on his lips, and 1000 thoughts flying around in my head. Yes, I had definitely gotten something out of conversation and some things that I could work on. Many of the advice I got, I could use right away, and other advice and ideas is something that will require time and practice.

Before the interview, I was a little skeptical - how much would I actually get out of such a conversation - but today I am happy that I contacted her. I regret that I waited so long before I pulled myself together and got time - let this be an invitation to all of you who have it hard and want help. Do something about it as soon as possible !!!

What I particularly appreciate about Pia Struck is that she is very attentive, loving and she really passionate about his work. She has so much warmth and deep knowledge to share in a nice personal way.

It has been a great relief to talk to someone about something taboo. Today I still vaginismus and on bad days can feel quite depressed, but I feel that everything is much more manageable and that the road to "cure" is not so long. Something that I think is really positive is that I have rediscovered my sexuality again after 1 ½ year hiatus - so it must, among other Pia to be commended.

I would like to conclude by saying thank you to Pia for the support and warmth she has given me. She is a lovely woman who has received a special place in my heart.

It was really nice to talk to you on the phone. When I talk to her I am always filled with warmth, joy and positive energy ... it's so nice. I have had a difficult time - but now my good mood returning:-) Also thanks to her advice.

Navela, 42 years old, healer and clairvoyant, Valby: I have been to many therapists and therapists over the past several years. Pia is one of the best I've been to. First time she started me on so many things that were really good for me and boosted my personal development in a good way. She recommended a book that was totally right.

I called her later about a person, I had a problem with. Her assessment of this person was totally correct. I usually turn the situation around, so it's me who gives the therapist therapy - but Pia did not take the bait. It is very hard to avoid that norm.

Helmut and Hanne, 56 & 54, Frederiksberg: Lecture on sex therapy! We met for an introductory evening / lectures to get a picture of what sex therapy aims, not least to meet Pia "live". 3 couples and a single woman this evening in March.

Pia started to tell about himself, about his professional background and about his own sexual experiences. It became, at times, very intimate tale from Pias practical experience universe hereby lit that she not only bases its therapy in theory, but certainly also has "tried on his own body." It was courageous, exciting and sometimes very transboundary, but when Pia told with a constant twinkle contagious warmth and deep trust, I think we all got a feeling that the normal has much wider boundaries than we commonly think of, and that "this is perfectly OK". No one has reason to be ashamed of his own desires and thoughts - we have them all together. The historically modesty entails only that "it's something you do not talk about" - but "it's a plan to get changed." Pia told that in particular has gone beyond women's sexuality, especially why women need to get loosened up taboos and to learn your own body to know. Only then can sexual experiences enjoyed in full, whether alone or with a partner. When we can learn to communicate what we want, what "turns us", we are well underway.

We got an evening where Pia in a lovely manner was told that she can and will help the individual to a better sex life - we will be happier for ourselves and for each other, you get a much more balanced life - and "then it is both healthy and fun. "With us we have decided to go to couples therapy - we believe that Pia is the right man for the job. Thanks for a great evening - we look forward to mér '! Many greetings Helmut and Hanne

Lene Hansen, 52 years old, took early retirement Ringsted: Dear Pia, Thank you for our many conversations therapy. You made me finally convinced that there was love for me out there in the big world. You got me convinced that I was good enough, I got my self-esteem back. You were quite aware that it was not my confidence, but my self-esteem that had gone out of it, due to bad relationships. You got finally opened my eyes. I can safely say that I now live and live nice, thanks to your loving kick in the behind. It was needed! You "kicked" not in vain.

One can not help but listen to you and your warmth and positive way to explain the correlations on. It works! - And when it can work for me (- born stubborn!) Must absolutely be working at all, which will itself the best! Would that they must find their way to you! I do not know where I had ended today if I had not listened and received your advice. The greatest thanks that can be found on this earth. Hugs and kisses, Lene

Rikke, 28, student, Copenhagen: Dear Pia, When I started in therapy with you in the spring of 2001, I had serious sexual problems. I could in no way enjoy sex or touch, which had made that my relationship had always been half-hearted and certainly had never been serious. I came to you with a strong opposition to sex, a resistance which was quickly directed at you when you were trying to loosen up all the emotions, through the years I had enclosed. You managed to contain both my resistance and anger, sadness and frustration, who also came to the surface, which I now see as a great thing. That which I just thought was sexual problems were more extensive and focused on consistent suppression of large parts of my personality. We got slowly and confidently closed up for me and got rid of artificial layer and learned societies norms.

The therapy form was very individual, and consisted of specific therapy, however the main part was homework in the form of books I had read and drills, both in the form of meditations, diary notes and high anger screams for more specific sexual exercises. I have been pleased that there was such a lektiedel as I could in this way work towards my goal consistently and constantly.
What I got out of the therapy is therefore both sexually, but also in personality. I can now enjoy sex and feel how the heart opens up and makes the Act wholeheartedly and beautiful while animalistic and strong. I have learned to explore my sexuality and accept what turns me on. I have also had my first orgasm (and more to go along) - which is one of the largest gifts ever. I still struggle, but now as a whole person, since I have learned who I am and can accept everything I contains, which in turn makes me more tolerant of others.

It has been a very tough phase in my life, yet I would never have done without it, the whole process has made me incredibly strong. - Why did I not before?

Bodil Jensen, 53, Copenhagen: friendship Pia, You have no idea what you meant for me to move on in my life! I have been a long time coming, but! Finally, through your help, I found the right course. Just by it knowing you are ALWAYS there, I can do it! If only there were others who would become aware of your very large and human help and incredible understanding of what it means to be on the ropes and come back to life again.
The most respectful greetings and thank you again. Hugs from an admirer, Bodil

Dolores, 21 years old, (grew up in the US) Copenhagen is I have tried several at types of therapy but Pia Struck is the first two give me real results. The only person der kan lead your life is yourself, but how does one take on such challenge? It is important having a coach and Pia Struck is one I would recommend, fordi she har helped me utilize my inner strengths and start a path in life att I feel good about.

Peter & Anna, 34 and 31, Jaegerspris: How can I in only a few lines to express my joy and enthusiasm for Pia Struck? It's too little!

My husband and I had our first visit to Pia Finally in September 2001, was already a lot of homes to work with. Our high expectations for what a third party would make and give to help us, were almost unrealistic - precisely why our choice fell on Pia Struck! Pia Struck is different ... she contribute more than help and support to solve the most hopeless task. She is so attentive, sincere, direct and deeply loving and has success with what she does. Pia Struck is an incredibly talented therapist ... she is one of the only ones that have been allowed to scolding me, except I was angry:-) ... ..fordi she is who she is and give so much!

Christiane M., 36 years old, Aalborg: I thought otherwise, that my personal and sexual problem was difficult to talk about, inaccessible, inextricably and distinctive. But if you are in Pia Struck loving and competent presence, while even prepared to VILLE good for oneself, so does give no limits to what the lady can dissolve barriers, psychological, and especially sexually. I would actually personally wish that many people would indulge the gift to take care - if so just one - a talk with her about their sex life.

Sophie, 31, Slagelse: .... Just at the very first two hours of therapist I got so many tools and so much I direct ka 'use in my life that I have not gotten by psychologists and psychiatrists in the five years I have gone with them.

Sean and Christine, 31 and 29 years old, Soro: Our marriage was heading for divorce, because we had landed in a dead end. One simple but intense conversation with the therapist made us see the pattern, we sat in, with new eyes, and so clearly that we ku 'break it and ku' call off the next visit, our love blossomed again!

Gitte, 29, Lyngby: Dear Pia, I got a private orgasm session. It was good a large beautiful and rewarding experience ... I'm really happy to have been with you! Thanks a lot! Here I will write how the scenario for me!

I have always regarded masturbation as shameful, boring - indeed almost disgusting. I've tried to masturbate sometimes (very rarely) - but has always stopped because I either bored or felt ridiculed and laughed at. I gradually began to doubt that I was a normal woman, and I contacted you. I was very unsure about the thought of what would happen, but after a phone conversation with your warm voice, I felt ready to book an appointment. I arrived at your clinic convinced that it would not succeeded. How would I be able to achieve anything in front of a strange woman that I was too shy to do when I'm alone ....

We spoke first - about 1.5 hours - about my thoughts, my first sexual experience and so on. So I took my clothes off, laid me on a blanket with a pillow in the back, and together we looked at myself in a mirror. It felt quite ok, it was still very technical - but I was still convinced that when we reached it, there would be nothing happen. As I felt the vibrator, I was just an instant pleasure that I have not had in over 15 years. It was great, but a moment after it was overwhelming and I did not want to go further. But you did not let me stop. It was a great, great discipline for me having to put sound on - but I did it and I got more and more excited. And I got an orgasm! You might even say to me that I had to come yet - it was too early. I needed more time to build up better enjoyment, you said.

The orgasm was not the feeling I had expected to get - it did not feel like the ideas that I have had about what it might be. But I have exceeded a huge limit, and I now have the courage and desire to continue to myself. I have ordered the vibrator that I spent with you, and I can not wait until it arrives. Once again many thanks for your help - you have really helped me well on the way !!! Thanks Pia! Love Gitte.

Gitta, 41, nurse, Aalborg: I got a private session with Orgasm training in April 2002. Had someone just a few weeks ago told me that during my first encounter with a total stranger woman would experience my wildest and most intense orgasm ever, I would have refuted it as a total impossibility. But that would prove to be the clean cut truth.
I arrived me with Pia in her therapy room in Jorcks Passage an average weekday pm. 10. The consultation was a square cozy room in an old building on the shopping street in central Copenhagen. The room contained a bed with soft pillows, an armchair, a coffee table and a desk, some chairs, a few shelves and a man highly removable mirror. I was a little anxious - what was it really that I went in to ??

The first hour and a half went to talk - about sexuality in general and about my sexual problems specifically. One third of the Danish women have serious problems with orgasm, I learned - they'll never get it. I am unfortunately normal at that point.

After the first talk Pia lifted the veil on the practical exercises, as the rest of the day was to go with, because I would have to have some tools to take home so I come by my own or my husband's help to achieve the ecstatic happiness as orgasm is. Away with the pants and forth with a mirror in which I was taught how I look in the lower regions. I found during Pias instructions, my erogenous zones internally as well as externally. I learned that I need to practice Kegel exercises and use them, I need to breathe correctly, I must tilt the pelvis back and forth, and I must have sound. Auxiliary tools came into use: fingers, lube, dildo and vibrator, with the use of which, everything formed a synthesis that ended with one for me wild orgasm - a condition I thought would be impossible in these unfamiliar surroundings in a room with direct views of a handful of architects and also thin walls that poorly damped my loud outbursts, which I neither could nor should hold back. Phew! It was a very special and unexpected experience and the after effects lasted for several days afterwards, when I walked around with a pretty happy smile, as only I knew what meant!

I learned more in many areas after this course: It is me and only me who is responsible for MY sex life. I now know where my erogenous zones are and how to stimulate myself - now I just pass this knowledge to my husband and use myself. Thanks Pia, you have taught me a lot - it was all the money and the flight t / s from Aalborg worth!