said by men about Seksualterapi

Said by men about Sexual Therapy

Clausen 38 years plant gardener and caretaker, Rødovre: Hi Pia, I just want to say THANK YOU for our conversation today Friday. It was a great experience to talk to you. I did not know whether I was for men or women. Since I did not know what I was, I got a clear message about what I could do to find out. It's a long time since I've been told that I could just fuck all sides - experimenting me forward. It's crazy to get the message when you meet you for the first time. Yes, I'll be obs to always use a condom!

Also the other on pelvic exercises and orgasm was canon, it has given me a push in the right direction. I've started on your order ang. The exercises, I also started training with control my orgasm by jerkoffs. I would highly anbefalde you to others who have problems with their sex life. It's probably the best 2 hours of my life that I had today. With many thanks and possibly see you from a happy man.

Antonio Pio Masciotra, Southern Italy: Well, I'm Antonio Pio Masciotra and I had the luck to know Pia about 3 months here. I'm a medical doctor, radiologist and I've read many of Pia's articles on her research and practice in the field of sexuology.

I found hun har et overwhelming knowledge in this field and exceptional intelligence in exploring new horizons and approaches, even inducing changes in my own study of women's health. Thanks Pia!

Anders, 52 years old, postal employee, Alberton: Dear Pia, Thank you for saltwater mind spraying yesterday afternoon, You gave me many things to think about and a lot more from my great desire to win my wife back. It is by now a long time since I have felt cheerful and in good spirits, but I actually do now, after having been a walk past your clinic.

My wife has been with you and praise you for being both sweet and professional skills. I definitely think you have given me some tools to try to push things in a positive direction, and now I'm just hoping for the best for the future. Thank you very ha '. Kind regards Anders,

Henry, 25, a mechanic Elsinore: Hi Pia, I would like to sincerely thank you for your good advice on masturbation for a half years ago. Now I'm good to masturbate. Now I can even control when I get the trigger. That I have become much more happy. Now I am also much more happy with my sexuality with a partner. Now I can even control my body.

I recommend others to come to talk with you. She is good at giving advice on how to learn to masturbate, so you can control when you get the trigger, so you get really much more out of it than before! Love the Happy ...

Allan Hansen, 42 years old, CAD consultant, Rødovre: It was actually a little whim that I contacted Pia Struck in his time. But Pia has opened a new world for me. A world where you are experimenting, asking questions and working to develop themselves. I was stalled after a relationship that had lasted for 8 years. My situation was no different from so many others. I am happy today that this relationship ended. I have had several lovely compared ago and my life has never been as high as now.

That I feel so good today is largely due to my visit to Pia Struck and the things she expertly pushed in time with me. Pia taught me how I should work on myself to move on and find your way in the jungle of personality development deals. Today, I use a lot of different offers that fall in my taste and suits my temperament. Furthermore Pia inspired a number of new habits that I have very great pleasure. I feel happy about my new situation and at the thought that I will always be able to contact Pia again. A very big thank you to Pia Struck

Peter, 48, Programmer from Sealand: Dear Pia, Thank you for a slightly different experience, the day I went with the introduction to the swinger's club. Unfortunately we were the only two of us to this introduction evening, you, as an excellent "instructor" and I, as a curious guest. Before we went into the Swinger Club No.1, gave me a really good introduction in swinger life, and you could mysteriously and enthusiastically tell of the joy it is for swingers, having sex together. It dawned on me that more couples went in swinger club to have sex only with each other, while other couples were open to invite an extra or two on the sheet. We were given a warm welcome by the evening's beautiful hostess, you showed me the intimate rooms where there was plenty of room for different intimate pursuits, it was obvious that only your imagination sets the limit of what could happen.

We were the first to come, but later came three couples and a few single guys. Only wearing towel, I sat with people I had never seen before and porn movies. While the movie was driving, was chatted cozy manner. I sat next to a woman who had her boyfriend on the other side. With sensitive hands befølte he her intimate places, and occasionally they kissed each other very intimate. She was a nice woman, and I felt tempted to join in, I asked for permission, she gave me a loving smile as she shook his head regretfully. This rejection showed me with all clarity that none of the guests visiting a swinger club need to feel pressured to do something they do not like, or to put it another way; I would never be reluctant to tread a swinger club with the woman I loved. There certainly was a good atmosphere in the team, but it was obvious that single men generally had a greater desire to visit swinger clubs than single women, and it's a shame. It is quite safe to go there!

Pia, thanks for a lovely evening, you did really well.

Jan, 48 years old, Culture, the Copenhagen City Heart: Dear Pia Struck, I am the faint-hearted, gray-haired culture director who visited you on Friday in December 2003. And I would like now to give an enthusiastic feedback on a wonderful experience of meaning, impelling wisdom in your therapy.
You have a very interesting profile (I have from your folder), and it does not surprise me that you are also a member of Mensa. It is well explain why you could answer all my questions before I even asked them!

I started with the training, both of the pelvic floor and sensitivity, and I am looking forward tremendously to move on. When I come, I will give you a report on my experiences - and also to set the stage for something concerning. club membership, we were talking about. But in any case: My sexuality is (thankfully!) Never the same again. Sincerely, Jan.

Bent, 60, engineer, Næstved: I had great fortune to take Pia at a time in 1999 when I really needed, and had a series of conversations spread over approximately two years. Big thanks.

Before I had even found out that I had lived in the disproportion between my inner feelings and beliefs and the external conditions. Had lived with standards and boundaries that were not mine. Married early and without prior experience, and with the first sexual partner. Wanted and needed to be with more, but it was banned and was suppressed in what you might call "tvangsmonogami". But I have mainly myself to thank for that.

But at one point went it no longer (long long time accumulated energy and frustration) and I started to go out and do something active about it. I did not want it to be secret, and not necessarily to be parted, but behavioral change and break old patterns (in a relatively advanced age) is very difficult. Here could Pia help with conversation and intuition, so I could find out more causalities and patterns, and, not least, that I was now within my rights to choose my actions and my own sexuality, thus corroborate me in the things I wanted and that was real. And Pia could tell the prospects and the possible consequences of my relationships.

Pia helped v.h.a. roleplaying include Also in burying an old "ghost" that was about a inflicted guilt, a child had given me an unrealistically high respect for women. Great.
Many of the things Pia has proposed and said work in the long term. I really got a lot of ideas to work with. In short, I have until now (November 2003) had three girlfriends and hope soon to take the fourth. We are created to be love beings.

Arne, 43, bank clerk, Hellerup: I have put my profile on Scor, but have not received any inquiries on the ad, although I think it was a little daring and cross-border compared to my previous profiles that never came response, of course, . Without dynamite it will not work. I got the idea to contact a sex therapist and through Scors website I found randomly sexual therapist Pia Struck. I had probably imagined the therapy room as a little "clinic-like" with meticulous order and white walls, but the room was actually designed as a warm cozy living room, where I immediately felt nauseous and Pia contributed definitely to this with its very open and relaxed manner. Here was no snobby upper class mines or cold, professional impersonality!

That which I presented as my problem in the first place is that I have not had sexual contact with girls for years, except intimate massage 3 times within the last year, and I also now and then have sexual fantasies about men. I have never had anything but one-time sexual experiences - no relationship! These circumstances, I feel that I am living a now very dry hermit's life with failing confidence in myself as well when it comes to go to bed with girls, the courage to extend the sexual horizons and to cope with everyday life with good humor.

Pia thought that just by looking at me, she could see that I lived in many ways an isolated life without many friends. However, it is not entirely true, as I have many good friends and part social contact in my daily life. But when it comes to sexual experience and my sexual identity, I am many years behind, my market for women is almost equal to 0 now, (so rather unpopular) and the urgent need to redress the imbalance. This I can only agree with her i.Pias advice to me is simply that I must cultivate social life much more than before and that it is urgent. She asked me to jot down the following:

Strengthen and grow my social networks - out among people and be in contact at least a few hours each day. Train remove the filter between me and others. Train communication skills - work out to be confidential. Train abilities to be in touch. Train active listening and to fill at least half of the conversation in a balanced ping-pong. Sexual playmates both men and women is a good idea - especially thereby train interpersonal skills. Specifically Pia told me of an association called, Adult children of alcoholics and other dysfunctional families, as she has me to involve myself in, and I will do as I have been aware I have many issues in common with members of the association, for me it's include invisibility, silence, self-destruction and defeat in discussions and gatherings.
Pia also suggested association work, for example. in a board as a way to create more contacts.

Sexual contacts - both short and long term - is extremely important to me now, like both sexes. If a contact ad example. indented, should I report my situation honestly out. It must be clear that I am very inexperienced in sexual matters and that I seek a form of training.
From Pia I also received instruction in how I can train me not to come too quickly and how I can get more out of intercourse. I end shown exactly up being quite a good lover!

I told that I cultivated my house in Sweden as often as possible, ie every second weekend and alone. Exactly it to be too much alone, is the wrong way, we are very agree. The question is whether I should sell the house, at least I can not find anyone to take up there. Pia said several times along the way that she wanted to see me happy - and she gave me a warm goodbye hug. I wish only that she must see. She can just wait out ka 'she!

Per, 43 years old, author and CEO. Director, Oslo: I had sought a conversation partner - independent - a mentor - an impartial person. I met a relaxed, informal, extremely dedicated and intelligent woman who during one conversation was clever to structure my thoughts. Not that I myself was not able to do that - but anyway - many times you do not see the forest for the trees and she found some new trails and streams on my little inner maps.

It was not immediately that I saw it, but bit by hand. Little by gradually worked my subconscious with thought patterns, possible structures and in small glimpses I saw more consistency with my creator, and what consequences this had for just my life. She is a warm woman, as it is easy to surrender to. She is a sexual woman who in addition is clever. She is an attractive woman, as it is difficult not to open itself to, but you have to solve your own problem - even make an effort. She helped me well on my way and may help you - if you want and can.

Sebastian, 40 years old, adult educator, Ballerup: After reading an ad in Light-crossed, I chose to attend a lecture on sex therapy with Pia Struck. It would prove to be an interesting evening where several aspects of it to accommodate themselves own sexuality emerged. It's nice to meet other curious people in a setting where the presenter shares her own extensive knowledge and experience in the area and where an otherwise often taboo topic is to free discussion.

For my part, it was especially interesting to hear about how emotionally redeeming sex therapy combined with hypnosis therapy, on the way to hidden causes of emotional problems or blockages retrieved from the unconscious through hypnotherapy. It's something in my own development has made use of in a similar manner. On the basis of my own positive experience, I highly recommend this technique as it gives good results and in terms of time, many other therapies far superior.

Sean, 38 years old, tattoo guy, Herlev: Thank you for a few lovely and inspiring hours in your new room, which I hope you get much pleasure from. I think that is really nice. Of course I have subsequently evaluated my meeting with you, and I thought that I got some solid and useful tools to get a little further with myself. What is fundamental to have my problem is that I can not keep my erection, but I believe that by using these Kegel exercises, which I started with, also in writing, I hope that I can learn the technique so I do not need to search for medicine, take Viagra, as I do now.

I am this morning started flushing my anal with lukewarm water. I'll like to get used to a little, but I think that I shall learn, it's simultaneously a little naughty.
I'll try to make more of, to find my erogenous zones, so I still have many things I have to start with, it becomes a hot spring.
I am looking to get treatment from you again, and if, as we talked about, the opening of Swing Inn, on Friday, calling you just to me, so I can pick you up or you.
If you have time for a visit to Hellas, I would like to hear from you, and also if you find something erotic, could have my interest, I look forward to hearing from you.

Otherwise, I would once again like to thank you for yesterday, and I look forward to hearing from you again. Write or call. The best greetings and hugs to you.

Hajse 45, driver, Rødovre: After my divorce, I was in a period very far down emotionally. My life had until then been rather problematic. By chance I ran into Pia at a trade show and we arranged a session. Pia tracked rapidly into what my problem was and how I felt.

Pia found out that I am the child of a dysfunctional family and she referred me to self-help group ACA,, Adult children of alcoholics and other dysfunctional families, where I ended up being regular in over nine months 3 times a week! This has been for me today is becoming a whole person, where the sun also shines in my life. I'm not finished yet, I am well aware. It takes a long time to change some 45 years of bad patterns in my emotions, but I am, by Pias and self-help group's help, well on its way in the right direction.

Now I have even had the opportunity to be "happy" along the way. - When I first got the "hole in the abscess" it dawned on me how important it is to continue. I do this until I'm completely through. Remember it is important to continue - my development has been long - but I keep my personal development.

Bertholt, 54 years old, a language teacher, Fredensborg: Over the past three years has Pia several conversations helped me to get "foothold" in my life again after the divorce from my lengthy marriage. Throughout Pias honest, loving, warm and open - also sometimes critical guidance - I succeed now very well to master life's "difficulties".

Pia has helped me, among many things, to get a better new relationship. Pia has exceptional knowledge in various therapies. Pias spiritual guidance is equally excellent. I recommend Pia much as a therapist, in many critical life situations. Love Bertholt.